Helicopter Stories

At Thomas Buxton we have been doing Helicopter Stories with the children. This is where a child tells a story and the adult scribes it word for word. The children then gather around a stage and the stories are then acted out. We are brilliant actors in Reception.

Here are a couple of our amazing stories

Ayra – France Class

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Matilda and a little girl called Sophie. It was time to go home. They played with their friends. All her friends were having a disco because it was Matilda’s birthday.

Yahyaa – Spain Class

Once upon a time there was a dragon. Then the bear was making some footprints. The dragon followed the footprints then the dragon saw the bear. He opened his mouth and breathed, then fire came out. Then a monster came, then the dragon went to the house and put the fire on. The house went down then the monster came inside the house and ate the dragon. Then that’s the end.

Ryhan – France Class

There was a tiger and a Spiderman. They was at their house and Hulk came. Then Spiderman and the mum came home and then the dad. Then the ghost. They went to the park. Then they had a picnic. Then they went home. Then they went shopping. Then they buy-ed some food. Then they went home again. Then they went to the park.

Ameera – Spain Class 

Once upon a time there was a little girl called Little Riding Hood and she went to the woods to get to her Grandma’s house and her Grandma was being eaten by the big bad wolf and her Grandma said “don’t eat me!” and there was a prince to save the Grandma. LIttle Red Riding sawd her Grandma asleep in the bed. The End


Hope you enjoyed reading our stories as much as we love telling them.

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