Do you like or dislike…?

This week in P4C Reception looked at lots of different pictures and had to decide if we liked them, disliked them and why. We were then using the word ‘because’ to explain why we thought that. Here are some of the pictures we looked at and some things that we said.

“I dislike blue bananas as they don’t like like a normal yellow one” said Huzaifa

“I like blue bananas because they are fun” said Ismael

“I like dogs because I can stroke them and that makes me happy” said Yaseen

“I dislike dogs because they have sharp teeth” said Zahara

Everyone agreed that we really like cars.

 “I like this white car because it has pretty ribbons” said Ceylin

“I like this car because it can go really fast” said Tamzid


What do you think? Tell us if you like or dislike the pictures and why.


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