Mulberry Class Science Week 2017

During science week we looked at how an egg changes. We scrambled them, fried them and then cooked them in their shells to see what happened. We discovered that all of the eggs went a different colour when we cooked them. ‘The clear bit goes white and the yellow bit goes hard’ said Yunus. Our favourite part was trying all of eggs that we cooked!

We also did lots of different experiments. We predicted what would happen when we put an egg into water. At first most of us thought that the egg would crack but then when we put it into the water we found out that it sunk to the bottom of the tube. We tried as hard as we could to break the eggs too.

We learnt about the life cycle of a hen and watched a chick hatching. We had a brilliant science week.

We love eggs!

Can you remember why these eggs were floating?


Floating and sinking

egg WOW

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