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The Door Bell Rang

This week in maths we have been looking at problem solving. We used the book ‘The Door Bell Rang.’ We had a plate of 12 real cookies and everyday new children kept appearing at the door to eat them! We had to work out how we could share them equally. We had lots of different ideas about how to solve the problem.

‘We have to put three onto each plate’ said Zakaria when 4 children arrived.

‘Keep putting one on each plate until they are all gone’ said Fateha when 6 children arrived

We learnt some new vocabulary for example divide, share and equal.

We have loved using a book to help us to solve problems.

Mathematical mark making

Learning to share equally

What is the best way to share them?

Mulberry Class Science Week 2017

During science week we looked at how an egg changes. We scrambled them, fried them and then cooked them in their shells to see what happened. We discovered that all of the eggs went a different colour when we cooked them. ‘The clear bit goes white and the yellow bit goes hard’ said Yunus. Our favourite part was trying all of eggs that we cooked!

We also did lots of different experiments. We predicted what would happen when we put an egg into water. At first most of us thought that the egg would crack but then when we put it into the water we found out that it sunk to the bottom of the tube. We tried as hard as we could to break the eggs too.

We learnt about the life cycle of a hen and watched a chick hatching. We had a brilliant science week.

We love eggs!

Can you remember why these eggs were floating?


Floating and sinking

egg WOW

Science Week

In Nursery we have been investigating eggs. We cooked scrambled eggs, boiled eggs and we made egg sandwiches. We also investigated whether eggs float or sink with salty and plain water. We were seeing how strong we were; we were trying to crack the eggs by squeezing them and even standing on them!

“It’s going to change into a chicken” Sue’ad

“It’s going by itself (spinning) because the inside bit is spinning” Ryhan

“It’s floating” Zahra

“I like eggs, I eat eggs at home” Riyaat

“It’s very, very strong” Tahsina



Shapes all around us

In Nursery we have been learning all about shapes. We have been on shape hunts around the school and in the playground.

We have been making shape pictures and talking about how many sides and how many corners the shapes have.

Which shapes can you find in your house? How can you describe them?