Welcome Back To School. See you on Tuesday 03/09/19!

Are you ready for school?

It’s time to think about coming back to school and  look forward to the learning, adventures, and fun we can share in the school year ahead. For many children, the feeling of excitement about seeing friends and getting to know a new teacher is a challenge to be relished. However, for some  it can be daunting. Below are links to more information which can help you prepare for the return to school as a family.

The Thomas Buxton Primary School team has been working hard over the holidays to get the building clean and classrooms ready for us to begin again in the school year 2019-20. Teachers have planned the curriculum (what you’ll be learning) so that lessons are engaging and challenging for everyone; whether starting Nursery or coming back into Year 6, we will do our best for you all. We have an outstanding team here  (admin, premises, kitchen, leadership, teaching and support staff) who all go the extra mile to help you learn, feel safe and be the very best that you can be. We are ready, are you? 

Take a look at the TBP school website for a reminder about lots of the great things you did last year. There are also details of the school uniform and the dates for the coming school year.





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I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Thomas Buxton Primary School. I came to the school in January 2010 and enjoy everything about our school. The children are kind, enthusiastic learners, the families care very much about the school and the staff are the best!

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