Our visit to the Channel 4 News Studio!

On Thursday 15th March, we (siham, Tufa and Ms Bibi) were invited to visit the Chanel 4 news studio with the Children’s Rights Alliance For England (CRAEs) team ( a project that we have been a part of for 3 years now) to learn about journalism and how to bring media attention to our project which is part of the CRAEs See it, Say it, Change it nationwide campaign:  #homes4children.

This is a Housing and homelessness campaign about every child’s right ‘to have an adequate standard of living’ (UNCRC article 27) and have their right to ‘express their views…and have them taken seriously’ respected (UNCRC article 12).

First, we got a chance to speak to a famous channel 4 news presenter, Fatima Manji who is a British television journalist and newsreader who became Britain’s first hijab-wearing TV newsreader in March 2016. We spoke to her about her role, how she became a journalist, the challenges she faces and how she tackles stereotypes. Siham even sneaked in a question about her pay! She told us that it was an interesting subject as there has been alot of talk recently about something called ‘the gender pay gap’.  We thought this was a. interesting topic and something that we could discuss in school.

Then we spoke to the digital team who put the news online for all to read and spoke to different inspirational leaders within the news team!

Finally we got the chance to visit the news studio where we spoke to the people behind the camera who get the news out on TV for all to see.

We went behind the scenes and got a chance to watch the news as it went live.

We saw the famous Channel 4 presenter, Jon Snow (Ms Bibi’s favourite presenter) live which was great! We really enjoyed being part of it all!  We learnt a lot about journalism and found out about all the hard work that the inspirational individuals put into it to make a media campaign/news broadcast.

Thank you to everyone who was part of this!

Tufa and Siham (year 6 CRAEs campaign reps)

6 thoughts on “Our visit to the Channel 4 News Studio!

  1. Tufa

    Thank you Ms Bibi for taking us on this wonderful trip.I loved it!We had a great experience and a fabulous time.I still can’t believe that we sat in places where famous people sit.

    1. ybibi2.211 Post author

      It was an absolute pleasure, Tufa! I still can’t believe it too. I hope it inspired you and you pass on what you learned from the experience to others 🙂


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