Ambassadors go to WE Day!

Today  (Wednesday 7th March), a group of School Ambassadors and Eco-Committee ambassadors attended the WE DAY festival at SSE Arena, Wembley.

It was an opportunity to celebrate what we have already achieved as a school this year and launch local, national and global initiatives for the rest of the year.

This event was created in honour of the socially conscious global citizens (school children just like us) who are leading the charge towards positive change—be that giving back to their own community (such as our Community Cohesion projects) or abroad (such as our work with UNICEF, WE Schools and our links with our British Council partner schools).

We pledged our support to be a part of ‘Generation WE’- a generation of people who actively make a difference in the world through our voice and our actions!

There  was an amazing group of inspiration and empowering speakers, including Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugene (the Queen’s granddaughters), Lilly Collins ( actress, model and writer), Katie Piper (motivational speaker), Mushraf and Mr Burton (from Educating Yorkshire and so many more!

There were also some spectacular performers who blew us away!

Alexandra Burke

HRVY- CBBC presenter and singer

Tokio Myers-Pianist and winner of Britain’s Got Talent

We cheered a lot!!!

Whoops looks like our cheers were a little too loud for Saminur (our year 6 ambassadors 🙂 

WE Day was all about harnessing the unifying power of compassion and kindness to bring together incredible individuals before an audience of students and teachers, who like them, are there because they believe in being the change they want to see in this world.

Lets keep working together as a school to raise our aspirations and of those around us to make a change!

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