National Poetry Day

This Thursday the 29th of September it was National Poetry Day and so at Thomas Buxton, we celebrated like the best of them!

The theme this year was ‘Freedom’ and each class competed within their phase to deliver the best poem in a whole school assembly.

Thursday’s assembly kicked off with a bang as Year 1 recited some beautiful poetry, really setting the bar high for everyone to follow. Luckily, Year 2 and Year 3 were able to keep up the high standards until…a cliffhanger! We had ran out of time!

The next day, all was resumed and Years 4, 5 and 6 demonstrated a fantastic mastery of the spoken word!

After much deliberation, the judges decided on winners for each phase, who were:

Key Stage One: Thailand class

Lower Key Stage Two: Cuba class

Upper Key Stage Two: Kenya class

These classes will all receive special book tokens and certificates to exchange for prizes next week.

However, as all classes put such a magnificent effort in, the judges decided each class will receive a special book token.

Check out the online versions of the poems below!

Well done TBP!


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