Thursday Room Inspection Scores

Your children are now experts at making their beds and keeping their rooms really, really tidy! Each day the centre staff award points for the best room. A great example of team work in action. Well done everyone….img_0381-jpg

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About Mrs Flanagan

I am very proud to be the Headteacher at Thomas Buxton Primary School. I came to the school in January 2010 and enjoy everything about our school. The children are kind, enthusiastic learners, the families care very much about the school and the staff are the best!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Room Inspection Scores

  1. Roshonara

    Hi Shumailah
    Very pleased to hear that all the children of Thomas Buxton Primary School are very good at tidying their beds and rooms!!!
    Keep up the good teamwork everyone
    U all the best !!!!

    1. Iqra

      Hi iqra nice to hear that you guys are tidying your rooms hopefully you guys do the same when huh come


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