Update: The ducklings are hatching!!

Four ducks have now hatched and have been running around and sleeping in their new home:

S1260009 S1260003

They have food, water, a nice warm shelter and lots of space to play!

One has hatched today and remains in his incubator until he is ready to join his siblings:


They have been such a welcome addition to the school and they have attracted many fans:


We’ll have more photos and information soon. Until then, enjoy some of the photos and try to see them in Reception if you can.

S1260007 S1250007 S1250018

6 thoughts on “Update: The ducklings are hatching!!

  1. zbegum7.211

    The ducklings are truly beautiful! It is an amazing display of the wonders of nature – just a few hours ago these beautiful ducks were in an egg. Now they are learning to walk and eat by themselves. I can’t wait to see their first swimming lesson!

  2. Areesha-turtles

    I touched one when I went to the reception class they’re so cute! Are you going to give them to the farm and can you bring them to our classes so we can all hold or touch them please reply!

    1. Samiha

      Me too. I touched them and they were really fluffy and warm and they are so cute – they look sooooo cute when they go on top of each other. I really loved seeing the chicks in reception class……

  3. Ronya

    The baby ducklings are really cute I hope you enjoyed it how did it feel like when you touched it was it soft if it was soft it will be so amazing because I haven’t touched a duckling before .


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