Year 6 Vikings

In year 6, the children have been learning about the Vikings. They studied Viking brooches and created their own designs. They had to plan them carefully, using ideas from the original brooches, such as repeated patterns, shapes and styles.The children used a technique called embossing to create their own design. This meant drawing their design onto some very soft metal in order to leave an indentation.

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Year 4 Mosaics

IMG_0755[1] IMG_0757[1] IMG_0756[1] 

Year 4 have been learning about the Romans. They looked carefully at the mosaics that the Romans created and then made their own. First they designed their mosaic, then used small tiles and grout to complete their design.


 The children in Nursery were learning about fireworks and bonfire night. They created art work that represented their ideas. They painted and used collage to create sparkly, bright, exploding fireworks and they made firework sculptures with pipe cleaners.

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Black History Month

In October we celebrated Black History Month, the children explored the work of different artists from around the world. They created some art work inspired by different craftspeople for example Yinka Shonibare, Tinga Tinga and Ndebele.

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Picasso portraits

During Spanish Buzz Week we all learnt about the artist Pablo Picasso. We drew portraits in the style of his work and then used oil pastels to colour them. We drew two portraits and then cut the pictures and joined them back together.

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