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Stop Motion Animations

This week, Lions created some brilliant animations showing how a bean plant grows. They worked hard to plan their animation, drawing each step to show the plant’s growth. The children drew 16...

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Thinking about how we could use the green screen to recreate some of these scenes...! #filmclub @intofilm_edu

thomasbuxtonsch | 5 days ago via Twitter

Peer Mediation Training

Year 5 have spent the past two days participating in Peer Mediation Training. We worked in mixed classes to learn about conflict resolutions, listening and paraphrasing, emotional intelligence and...

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We Are HTML Editors

Hi Year 4, This term, you will learning about how web pages are made using HTML. HTML is a special language that web developers use to add images, videos and text to web pages. We will looking inside...

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Delicious popcorn and a delightful Disney classic. #filmclub @intofilm_edu

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We Are Web Developers: Web Pages

Year 5 learned to create web pages last┬áterm by writing lines of code. Web pages are usually created using HTML (Hyper Text Mark-Up Language) – a special code which uses tags. Different tags...

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Shakespeare Week

We’ve enjoyed a wonderful Shakespeare Week, learning about the works of William Shakespeare, participating in workshops and performing scenes from his plays. Next week, we will be publishing...

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2nd screening of Mary Poppins after school today. Film Club will tweet throughout with #popcorn!! Thanks to @intofilm_edu for their support.

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Escape the Room challenge

As a reward for their hard work so far this year, Year 6 were treated to a special code-cracking event. Similar to an “Escape the Room” style challenge, the children had to decipher...

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Welcome to our school website.

Thomas Buxton Primary School is a two-form community primary school with a nursery. We are situated right in the heart of Whitechapel's vibrant, multicultural community. 

The Headteacher is Mrs Lorraine Flanagan, you can find out more information about the school on this site and in our prospectus.

This week's attendance

Well done to everyone who has come into school on time and every day this week...


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Newsletter - 29th April 2016

This week we have been holding mentoring meetings with children so that they are clear about their strengths in learning and also to talk about what they need to focus on next.

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  • Tomorrow Bank Holiday
  • 03/05 Deadline to accept Reception place offer
  • 04/05 Bike to School Day
  • 05/05 ESOL Exam
  • 16/05 Attendance Focus Fortnight Week 1
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